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The Love That Is Hidden

Colossians 3:17 “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

Your love will not always be seen!

The love that you have for your spouse and family is one of the strongest of all human emotions. From hugging your sweetheart to holding your child’s hand, the affection we can show is beautiful and powerful. We can develop one of the truest, purest and greatest love of all by giving of oneself. It will be an unconditional and selfless love towards those that we have made the decision to love. This love will be unstoppable and as the bible says, “it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.”

Every once in a while you see someone who is so talented and has a great opportunity, who has the potential to become a superstar. Then for some reason they give it all up for someone they love. This level of love only a few will ever experience, for it is a love that must be spiritually developed within. For the ordinary person to give up opportunity in life is crazy, but for the person who understands life and the meaning of it, this is a life lived in the most beautiful way.

I once remember a professional basketball player, playing for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1970’s , who gave up basketball to do missionary work in a third world country. All basketball fans trough out the country were shocked by his desire to quit basketball and I at the time was also shocked. Today I understand that hidden love that must have been inside him and for him not only to find fulfillment, but also the joy and happiness that he needed to follow the direction that this love was leading him.

Many times we see people serving in some unnoticed ways doing nothing more than ordinary deeds. Others in this world will look at this and say what a waste of time this is. But is this a waste of time or opportunity? In the place that God has for each of us, God wastes nothing. Every act of love rendered towards others has its rewards both here and in eternity. And in this case, every act of love that is hidden still has its rewards in our lives. Much of the true love given towards others will never be noticed, but there are rewards to be received for them.

It humbles me at times to see the thankless jobs that people do for the ones they love. Take for example the police, caregivers, firemen and the military men who give of themselves to our country. Also when I see all that parents will due for their children when they are young. Many will leave their families, give up jobs, sleep and all their personal enjoyment and comforts, just for the well-being of their others. Sometimes when I look at young adults with their parents, I try to imagine all the efforts that mother and father have put into this child and what he or she has become. Much of the effort here is hidden love and sometimes thankless love of which in life many wouldn’t have the heart to do. However, this is not love that goes unnoticed and unrewarded, for our heavenly Father has created each of us to love in this fashion. To do things for others even when no one else sees or can thank us.

I encourage all of you to take your love to a deeper level that might be hidden to all that are around you. Knowing that this is not done in vain and by doing it, you are not wasting your time. Once the spiritual connection is made, you will find greater rewards of peace and happiness, and will know that there is a reward in heaven awaiting you.

God Bless You, as You Bless Others!!